Ashley & Lynnzey BFF {Seniors}

Cleveland {Tigers}

Class of 2013

Over the summer, I did my first senior session.  Ashley emailed me asking if her and her best friend Lynnzey could do their session together.  Sure!  What better way to make me more nervous, LOL.  Luckily, they were both extremely photogenic and beautiful, so it went better than I thought.

This is Lynnzey.  She was super sweet and so chill.  I actually blogged about their session on my personal blog at


This is Ashley, the photog session planner.  I think we exchanged approximately 40 emails, lol.

I absolutely love this photo.

They really couldn’t take a bad photo.


My friend Jill brought the kiddie bikes to use as props.  Since they have been friends for a while, we thought this would be a cute way to end the session.  I really did enjoy this session :)