Molly + Ryan {Engagement}

Over the summer, I had an engagement session with Molly & Ryan.  They asked me earlier this year to photograph their wedding at Woolaroc (in the process of editing).  Since I knew very little about them, I did what any normal person would do…I facebook stalked them :)

Molly & Ryan met in college and appear to be inseparable since.  I immediately labeled them my free spirits.  They were SO chill and down to earth.  I loved it!   They have been living abroad for a while now and most likely will return to Mexico shortly after their wedding.  I always get nervous about meeting new people (I’m a self-proclaimed introvert).  I felt like I could have easily met them in college and been friends with them.  I know it’s my job as the photographer to make them feel comfortable, but it’s much appreciated when the clients are…comforting? LOL :)

This is my favorite photo of them.  Being around them for this one hour, I noticed how comfortable they were together.  There could be a room full of people, but they only see each other.  The way they looked at each other…it was very sweet.  It was all reinforced at their wedding.  They are very much in love with one another.   When I asked Ryan if he was at all nervous, he said with a smile,  “No not at all.”

I feel very blessed that they asked me to photograph their wedding.

It was so easy to photograph them!  They were so natural and in love – nothing looked forced…even when it was, lol.  “Yeah, could you all climb over all those branches and go sit on that tree stump and look like you’re having an interesting conversation??  Thanks” 

I just loved her ring.

I’m narrowed down their wedding photos and will have those uploaded next week.    I wish you guys nothing, but happiness :)