Baby Zeke {Newborn}

Then there were 5!  The Tracy family welcomed Zeke to their family in October.  When I first met Jeff and Tracy, they had just had their first-born Eli.  Now Eli is the big brother to 2 siblings.  I remember seeing Eli for the first time and thinking, “He’s such a pretty baby!”  He had blond hair, super blue eyes, and those pouty pink baby lips.  Well, his little brother was born the same perfect way.

I am always honored when someone asks me to take their pictures, but more so when they invite to the hospital to capture those special moments right after their baby is born.  So when Stacey sent me an email a few weeks ago asking me to do this for them, I was super nervous and excited at the same time.

Zeke looks just like his big brother Eli.

Isn’t Stacey just gorgeous!  3 babies and she still looks absolutely amazing.

Here is big brother Eli :)

About a week later, I took baby Zeke’s newborn photos.  I asked my awesome friend / photog mentor Mallory to assist me since I had really never done this before.  I needed her knowledge, wisdom, and all her baby props :)  She helped me set everything up and gave me tips throughout the whole session.  She truly is A-Mazing.

Here is precious baby Zeke.  I love his name!

By far, one of my favorite shots from this session.

LOL, when I see this photo, I think it looks like Mallory took and edited it.  Granted, it was her swaddle blanket and bowl we used, but still.  :)

Here is the Tracy Family!  Love them.

How cute are they!?!  Love this shot :)

Zeke was a champ!  Thank you again Tracy family for letting me share in your special day :)