My First – My BFF Jill {Boudoir – Oooh La La}

My gorgeous friend Jill was kind enough to be my first…first boudoir shoot that is.  What were you thinking?! :)  I love Jill – we met in 2005 when we both worked at {then} MCI.  She ended up training me in her group, so we spent many days together in a cramped cubicle.  To make a long story short, we became great friends.  So much so that she ended up being my Maid of Honor at my wedding.  7 years later, I asked her to be my first boudoir session :)

If you ever wonder why boudoir photography is pricier than portrait photography it’s because more goes into the whole experience.

1.  Your photographer has to create a comfortable environment out of a normally uncomfortable situation.  They have to have the ability to be nonthreatening, comforting, relaxed, etc…  It’s almost like your photographer is doing everything they can to seduce you.  Music is playing, wine is being poured, compliments and soothing words are being tossed around…the ultimate art od seduction LOL.

2.  Unlike a portrait session that can be done outdoors, most likely your photographer has to rent a hotel room…one big enough to add variety and space for you and them to move around in.

3.  It’s MORE EDITING.  If you have booked a boudoir session, you hope to walk away with a positive experience.  Also, you want to receive amazing photos of your {semi} nekkid body. Editing takes much more time.  You aren’t just editing a face…you are editing everything.  We smooth skin out, do a little nip/tuck here, add a little volume there.  The point isn’t to alter you so much you look unrecognizable, the point is to make you feel good about yourself and happy with the finished product.  I’m a girl, I know what it’s like to see a photo and think, “ugh, I’m double chinin’ it”  If I wouldn’t like it, you wouldn’t like it.

Here are a few photos of my gorgeous friend Jill.


Seriously!?  I know, right?!

These were the ones I felt conservative enough to post in this blog post :)  She did an amazing job and I got a TON of beautiful shots.

Pictures were taken at The Mayo {downtown Tulsa}