The Dyer {Family}

So, I met Sarah a few years ago through daycare. Her mother, Cyndi, was my son’s first daycare provider and she was AWESOME. Sarah and I have kept in touch through Facebook over the years and she was nice enough to ask me to photograph her amazing family. I always got the feeling that if we were around each other more, we would probably be pretty good friends.


This is the very first picture I took from their session.  Look at Eli, such a pro!  He even has his little thumbs in his pockets :)


Here is Sarah and her husband Erick.  They are a super awesome couple.  They seem to have a lot of fun together.


Gavin and Eli did so well.  It’s very common and completely understandable when kids get fussy during a session, but they really had fun with it.


Eli is seriously one of the most chill toddlers – EVER.


Love this one :)


So, over the summer I took Eli’s 1 year birthday pictures.  We decided to have a little fun with it :)  I brought paint and paper and stripped him down to his diaper.  :)


Thank you Dyer Family for letting me snap some photos of you :)  I love seeing  Gavin and Eli growing up.  Until next time!