Amy {Bridal Shower}

Amy has been one of my friends for many many years.  We met in college and even though I wasn’t around during the time Amy was, I feel like I know her just the same.  Whenever I would catch up with Carol or Helra, they would always fill me in on everyone including Amy :)  Here are just a few pictures from her shower.  Helra asked me to be the photographer…then told everyone she had hired a “professional” photographer!  So when I showed up, they were like, “Oh it’s just Cristal” Not some fancy professional photographer, LOLOL.  just kidding Helra :)

IMG_2397 copy

This is Amy :)  Beautiful I know!

IMG_2513 copy

IMG_2349 copy

IMG_2344-Edit copy

IMG_2508 copy

IMG_2386 copy

IMG_2362 copy

IMG_2537-Edit copy

I love these girls.  Well, the ones that I know…and I’m sure the other ones are nice too :)  I couldn’t be more blessed with a better group of friends in my life.  My friends in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa – amazing people with equally amazing hearts.  Seriously, these girls have always been there for me and I hope they know I’m always going to be there for them as well.  Can’t wait to see them soon!