Kaylie {Seniors}

Kaylie called me up after she saw her friend Hunter’s senior photos.  I love hearing that, but it also freaks me out a little.  I worry that if their photos don’t turn out the same as their friends, they will be disappointed.  To be honest, I wonder if I’ll always worry before a session.  I think a little worry is good…keeps you on your toes, but the rest of what I should feel is some form of confidence. lol.  I’ll get there :)

Back to Kaylie!  She was super sweet and I felt like she had a good head on her shoulders.   I always ask my seniors what their plans are after graduation.  I think it’s an important question and I’m genuinely interested.  I like to hear anything, but “I don’t know” followed by silence.  Luckily, Kaylie had an answer :)  She wants to become an RN….I think pediatric nurse specifically.

IMG_5804 copy

If I had a better handle on Science, I think I would have chosen Something in the medical field.  I think nurses are a special breed.  I will always have much respect for nurses.  They don’t get enough credit.

IMG_5910 copy

I posed Kaylie throughout her session, but sometimes I got the feeling she had been practicing :)  For instance, in this picture.  I didn’t pose her, but it looks very natural.

IMG_5936 copy

Love this photo :)

Good Luck Kaylie in everything you do!