Harley + Brittany {Wedding}

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Brittany happens to be my husbands youngest cousin on his dad’s side of the family :)  Harley and Brittany met at OSU I’m pretty sure their freshmen year.  Harley has always appeared to be shy, but the time I spent with them during their engagement session and family gatherings, he’s super sweet and a perfect match for Brittany.


Beautiful Bride

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Harley was one happy groom :)

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I love when groomsmen have a good time.  BE SILLY! Have a good time.  I know this is me being partial, but they just make for great photos.

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Even better when the whole party is silly :)

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At the end of the reception, Harley’s and his fraternity brothers dancing/running in a circle – Hilarious! Because it was the song “Boom Boom Boom” by the Venga Boys.

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I’m throwing this one in because it was the first time I had ever been assaulted by rice, lol.  RICE HURTS!  Don’t get me started on how rice should be in my belly and not on the ground.  If you’re planning a wedding, maybe consider bubbles or something less painful :)