Amanda + Josh {Wedding}


I met Josh and Amanda just a few weeks prior to their wedding day.  As soon as I met Amanda at our consultation lunch, I knew she was going to be a gorgeous bride.  Any time I had a question, she was always so pleasant and thoughtful.  I met Josh shortly after when I drove down to Shidler/Pawhuska to check out the church and reception area.  He warned me from the beginning he was not all about taking pictures, so I appreciated the warning. :)  He was very nice to chauffeur me around from one location to the other.


IMG_4074 copy

The church was small, but packed full of friends and family excited to share their special day.

I loved the decor.  Rustic themed, they incorporated all things country. The wood pieces hanging at the end of the pews were adorable.

_MG_8937 copy

Pre Ceremony

IMG_4060 copy

While Amanda was getting ready to head to the church, I headed to the lodge to snap a few photos of Josh getting ready. The men were in good spirits laughing and joking.  It’s always nice to walk in and everyone is just having a good time.

_MG_8905 copy

IMG_4065 copy

IMG_4144 copy

The bride anxiously waiting for the ceremony to start :)

IMG_4147 copy

Isn’t she just gorgeous!?

_MG_9015 copy


IMG_4259 copy

Amanda’s little girl Rowdy :)

_MG_9104 copy

First Look

IMG_4266 copy

I love his expression – like he just saw the prettiest woman in the room ;)

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IMG_4294 copy


IMG_4354 copy

IMG_4353 copy

_MG_9230 copy

The food was A-MAZING.  Most of it was wrapped in bacon!  When in doubt, wrap it in bacon.  BACON NEVER FAILS.

IMG_4368 copy

_MG_9258-Edit copy

Look at that spread!  There was a reason the food was so delicious.  Not just anyone can get The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, to cater your wedding except for Josh :)  Let me take a brief moment to express how AWESOME it was to be in the lodge where she films her cooking show.  I did my best to play it cool…so much so, I didn’t even introduce myself  by name.  She only knows me as “the photographer.” Way to go Cristal.

IMG_4361 copy

IMG_4388 copy

My mouth is watering…maybe I shouldn’t have blogged these food photos on an empty stomach.

IMG_4393 copy

IMG_4387 copy

Tiffany Poe is the mastermind behind this beautiful wedding cake.

IMG_4478 copy

IMG_4492_RET copy

Beautiful Bride

IMG_4513 copy

I love this photo.  Kinda steamy ;)

IMG_4499 copy

My favorite moment: cutting the cake

IMG_4606 copy

Josh delicately feeds Amanda her piece of cake…

_MG_9358 copy

From this photo, I don’t think Amanda plans on doing the same lol.

IMG_4615 copy


IMG_4622 copy

IMG_4623 copy

First Dance

IMG_4652-Edit copy

I wish Josh and Amanda nothing, but happiness.  Shooting your wedding was an honor and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your special day.  It gave me a chance to get out of the city and see parts of Oklahoma I had never seen. I had so much fun!