Kim {Family}

I was so excited when my long time friends Steve and Minhye asked me to do their family / maternity session.  I met Steve my senior year in high school 1998-1999 and remained good friends during our time spent at OU.  OU is also where Steve and Minhye met :-)  They both are successful professionals in the medical world and I’m so very proud of the both of them.

IMG_1467-Edit copy

As sad as this is to say, but this was the first time I met their son Ethan!  Unfortunately, that is the result of life getting in the way.  I won’t even mention that we live maybe 30 minutes from each other!  Ethan was an absolute doll.  So well behaved and curious.  Every time I would try to photograph him, he would get REAL close to my lens…like this:

IMG_1416 copy

Luckily I was able to get this focused in shot of him in all his curious form :)

IMG_1316-Edit copy

When Ethan smiled, he looked Just like his momma.  He had such a happy smile and he sure loved his daddy.

IMG_1235 copy

Ethan has such a pretty momma!  Minhye is gorgeous inside and out.

IMG_1366-Edit copy

Baby #2 is almost here!  I can’t wait to get the call that baby girl has arrived! :)  I’ll be there with my camera of course.

I absolutely love the Kim Family and wish them nothing but happiness ;)