{My Half Korean Project}

So, if you didn’t know, I come from a multi-cultural background.  My mother is full Korean and my father is a medley of Scottish and Cherokee Indian.  They met in your typical way – military.  My father was stationed in Korea and my mom was waitress in the mess hall.


I know some people reading this might not understand why I feel the need to talk about being half Korean and half caucasian, but if you are biracial, you understand the need to connect with others that come from the same blended cultural background.  Like most of us have experienced, we look Asian around caucasian people and caucasian among Asian people.  I always feel like I’m racially ambiguous, lol.  I’ve been mistaken for Samoan, Mexican, Native American, and half Japanese.  I should have been in the CIA or something :)

I’m also doing this for my son, Christian.  My parents never really talked about me being biracial and many times growing up, I struggled with it.   Since he’s 1/4 Korean, he won’t get a lot of “What are you??”  but I don’t want him to forget that his grandmother is Korean and to never be ashamed of his Korean background.

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I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a small group of other half Korean kids growing up.  I asked them at the beginning of the summer if they wouldn’t mind getting together at the old Korean church where we all met to do a photo shoot.  It took some time to work out the perfect day everyone was available, but we did it.  I also interrogated them with a few questions about being half Korean.  So I will begin blogging about my interviews with each of my old friends and their experiences growing up in the midwest coming from a mixed cultural background.

One thing that I am constantly amazed with is just how different everyones experiences were growing up, especially the new half Koreans I have come into contact with via Facebook!  I absolutely love connecting with other half Koreans.


My first interview is Kim

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Stay tuned!